OSU Theatre Students

Below is a list of OSU students that have participated in ArtsAloud projects:

Lacy Delaino (Graduate Teaching Assistant/Master of Arts)

Susan Webb (Graduate Teaching Assistant/Master of Arts)

Davelle Turner (B.S. Phycology)

Anne Uhlman (B.A. Theatre)

Sean McLaughlin (B.S. Zoology)

Zackery Graham (B.A. Theatre)

D.J. Grigsby (B.A. Theatre)

Hannah Mans (B.A. Theatre)

Maddy Cunningham (B.S. Theatre/Multimedia Journalism)

Marlina Bruner (B.A. Theatre)

Cody Finger (B.A. Theatre) 

Sam Stockard (B.S. Theatre/Multimedia Journalism)

Roslyn Dobberstein (B.A. Music/Theatre minor)